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The school he is referring to is St. Jerome’s Indian Residential School; which many described as “Hell on earth”. Saul is rapidly thrown into a world of extreme emotional and physical abuse brought on by the hands of the nuns and priests that are assimilating the children.

Treaties were signed by the Aboriginal people in the year ofwhen the European settlers came to Canada. The negotiation lead into another subject in which they would build a residential school for the children of the Aboriginal people where they can help them in improving their economic and social practices.

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It seems the schools also had a larger purpose of eliminating the cultures of indigenous people in Canada. The problems started by sending the children to schools far away from home. Residential Property Management Essay Sample.

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The whole doc is available only for registered users stores, offices, and other types. This broad category includes community association managers, residential property managers, and commercial property managers to which the retail property managers belong.

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Residential school essay conclusion
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